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Letter to the Editor – Oblivion

Letter to the Editor for the Washington Times written by Claudia Teixeira.

Source: http://teaser-trailer.com/movie/oblivion/

I was amused by Peter Suderman’s review of “Oblivion” on April 19 (The iActor Tom Cruise never fades in “Oblivion”). The text praised the artificial aesthetics of the movie and the robot-like performance by Tom Cruise and that pleasantly expressed my feelings.

I read some negative tweets criticizing the unoriginal plot and predictable outcome of the movie. However, as an admirer of the art of storytelling, I really don’t mind predictable outcomes and universally acclaimed plots.

In the case of “Oblivion”, what makes it work is that it delivers entertainment in the form of a stunning, wholly manufactured, science fiction world. Tom Cruise, as a product of this manufactured world, blends with it, like a Monet model would blend with the landscape.


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