Val’s Story

This is a story that happened in the nineties, in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. It’s the story of a teenage country girl named Val, who moved to the big city chasing her dreams, but ended up fighting to prove her innocence from burglary accusations.

Val’s Story – Transcript

Little girl, big problems

Claudia: This is a story that  happened in the nineties, in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. It’s the story of a country girl named Val, who moved to the big city, chasing her dreams

Val: Well, I was only a teenager, I just finished high school, moved to a big city, and uh, looking for a big dream, wanted to become someone very big or special, I don’t know, looking for something different in my life.

Claudia: She moved to an aunt’s house, but she didn’t want to be there for long. She wanted to study but she also needed to support herself. She was own her own.

Val: uh I finished high school I went there to try to get to, to go to college, and to work, so I was looking for a job and at the same time trying to get in a college which is difficult cause you know we have to do a test before, in order to be accepted in a college.

Claudia: And it was also hard to find job, because she didn’t have experience. But she finally did it.

Val: I got a job, it was a nice job, at a jewelry, and uh, working with someone that was an expert, was a good seller.

Claudia: And everything was fine for sometime. The pay was good, the jewelry was in a nice shopping center, she dealt with pleasant clients, but…

Val: Suddenly, a couple of months later, I was told that some of the jewels was missing from the store

Claudia: Yes, some of the jewels went missing. Each piece costing the equivalent to 10,000 dollars. The store was at a total loss of about 50,000 dollars. There was no sign of burglary, and the suspects were the sales girls, Val and her more experienced co-worker.

Val: So they decided to go to the police and, as I teenager, seventeen, eighteen years old, I went crazy, I didn’t know what to do… and uh they were going through my stuff, my wardrobe, to my friends, asking everybody, and they thought I had taken the pieces to my mom, and it was a big issue and I didn’t know exactly what to do, was only a teenager, I was going crazy because, how could I prove that I haven’t done that?

Val’s unusual prayer (fighting with the power of despair)

Claudia: Then Val’s coworker came up with an idea

Val: She had one uh went to church one day and uh the father of the church told her that we should pray and ask God to show us in some way who had done that.

Claudia: Val was not a particularly religious or spiritual girl at that time.

Val: No, not at all, like, my family, my grandmother was really religious but I was the girl that was always running away from church, from God, (laugh), but I took the chance just to pray every single night and ask God to help me cause I hadn’t anybody else who could help me, there was nobody that would be able to help me at that time

Claudia: So she prayed, and she prayed with the power of despair, and her prayers went something like these

Val: And that’s what I did, for a couple of weeks I prayed every single night and I asked God to send us someone to the store with a broken leg, or a broken arm to show us that that person had taken the pieces out of the store and

Claudia: Oh yes, she was basically asking God to break a bone of the person who was causing her so much pain.

Val: And suddenly, months later, her two sons broke, one of them broke his arm twice in the same place and the other one broke I can’t remember if it was a leg or and arm too.

Claudia: She’s talking about the two little sons of her coworker. The girl who she admired and looked up to was just pretending to be her friend, she had stolen the jewels and was falsely accusing Val to the police all along. But after this interference from the skies…

What a relief, free from the accusation, got her life back

Val: Finally she said ok I did it, and it was my fault and I was released even though it was like something really big for me because I didn’t now how to do it and how to prove that I haven’t done that, there was no way for me to prove that

Claudia: So, for Val there were two lessons from this story: one was that she was not alone, she had protection, and protection from above. The second thing she learned was that from now on she would have to be careful of what she wished for, because it might as well come true.


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