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Strategic Communications Plan – Casa do Amor

Strategic communications plan developed for a Brazilian nonprofit organization that provides housing and care for cancer patients undergoing treatment away from their homes.

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Casa do Amor is a nonprofit organization from Vitória da Conquista (Conquista), Brazil that offers love, housing, food and care for underprivileged out-of-town cancer patients while they are undergoing cancer treatment in the city. The organization has a ten-year history of determination and success that started with its founders’ dream to positively transform the world. Even without having the money to build the organization that she envisioned, Maria do Carmo was able to achieve her dreams inspiring the community with her enthusiasm. Slowly and steady she was able to gather the necessary people and resources to help cancer patients in need of housing and care. She was able to professionalize the organization services and now it helps an average of 100 patients and caregivers per month, with 15 employees, and the steady volunteer assistance of doctors and other health professionals.

The demand for Casa do Amor’s services is constantly increasing and it needs to continuously expand capacity to continue providing for its beneficiaries needs. The organization is well recognized in the city and has the support of the general public, the media and the community. The communications challenge is to leverage the positive reputation that the organization has in Conquista and surrounding region to increase awareness and support for its services, or else it will not be able to expand capacity and continue providing for the increasing number of incoming patients.

This strategic communications plan will leverage the support of individual donors, corporate donors and volunteers to reach the goal of increasing awareness about the importance of the organization in order for it to raise donations and extend the reach of services. The strategies recommended are: To synthesize messages to improve communications through digital media platforms; to develop a volunteers training program; to reach out for young volunteers at universities; to offer varied partnership opportunities and communicate results to corporate donors; and to use personal communication methods and traditional media to motivate more individual donations.

The implementation of this five months campaign is projected to cost US$3,300. Costs could be kept low due to anticipated sponsorship from corporate partners to produce marketing products, and to the collaboration of volunteers. In return, Casa do Amor will achieve its goal of expanding the reach of its fundamental services to the people of Conquista and surrounding region in need of love and assistance while fighting against cancer.

To read the whole plan please click on the following link:

Strategic Communications Plan – Casa do Amor


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